The Common Table Series

Have you ever wondered if Unity amongst the Body of Christ is possible? What do we do with all of our differences? How can we be centered on Jesus? Join us at the North Campus at the University of Saint Francis on March 20th at 6:30pm to discover if Unity is possible.

Pray for the unity that Jesus desires for His people!



Our team is currently planning some upcoming events and the next Unity Night for 2024. Please pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit as we discern how to serve our community this year!

Keep checking in for more details!

Every Tuesday


Shema Culture is partnering  with Prayerworks to consistently lead prayer and worship! Every Tuesday, our team will be leading the morning praise and worship hour at 7-8am. We invite you to join us as we interceed for the city of Fort Wayne. 

Holy Spirit bring revival and unity to this city of churches!


Next Unity Night

Our team is in the processes of planning the next Unity Night here in Fort Wayne IN. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us as we bring togeher another Protestant and Catholic church to unite in worship and prayer. Be on the look out for more information in the coming months!

Different traditions united through Jesus!

Pray for Us

Sons & Daughters

Until May of 2024, our team will continue to be poured into by another local worship ministry that seeks to awaken worship leaders to their identity in Christ and empowering them to live boldly for the gospel! Pray that we will sincerely receive and believe all that the Lord will teach us in this next season. 

We love because Christ first loved us!


Soul Team

To continue serving our community, raising up the next generation of praise and worship leaders, and creating opportunities for Christian unity, we need your support through prayers and through your generousity. Shema has created a special team of faithful supports to mobilize and increase ministry work being done in our community. We invite you to consider joinning the team to make a difference for His Kingdom! 

Join the moment by giving your time, talent or treasure!

Join the Team